Saturday 23 July 2011

Maternity Jeans

Jeans are often the first thing you grow out of when you get pregnant and the hardest to replace. In this blog post we explore what maternity jeans are on offer in UK maternity stores today. Simply click on the retailer links to be taken straight to that product page. 

Boyfriend jeans from JojoMamanBebe £29 (under bump) 

Crave Maternity Indigo Skinny Jeans £69 (under bump)

Debenhams Mid Blue Boot Leg Jeans £30 (over bump) 

Dorothy Perkins Slouch Jeans £30 (under bump) 

New Look Boot Cut Jeans £15 (under bump) 

Peacocks Boot Cut Jeans £18 (over bump) 

Bumps Maternity Stretch Jeans £31.95 (over bump) 

Happy Shopping and don't forget to check our discount code page! 

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